4th ENSEC Conference


Useful information

Getting around the city

If you arrive by a plane, you’ll arrive at Zagreb Airport called Pleso. It is located 15 km (ca. 25 minutes by a car) south of the Faculty of Teacher Education, conference venue. From there the cheapest option to get to the city centre is by the airport shuttle bus operated by "Pleso transport". A one-way ticket costs 30 HRK and can be bought from the driver. Please note that public transportation fares are only payable in Croatian Kuna (HRK). The approximate exchange rate in May 2013 is 1 € = 7.5 HRK; 1 £ = 8.9 HRK; 1 $ = 5.8 HRK. The bus terminal at the airport is located just in front of the airport building. Buses run at half-hour intervals for most of the day.

The airport-bus will take you to the Main Bus Station. From there you can take a tram:

A tram ticket costs 15 HRK (2 €) when bought from the driver and 12 HRK (1.6 €) when bought at a kiosk. Between midnight and 4 am a ticket costs 25 HRK (3.3 €) when bought from the driver and 20 HRK (2.7 €) when bought at a kiosk. Once you get on the tram remember to validate (stamp) your ticket at the stamping machine in the tram. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes when travelling in one direction.

Day tram ticket fares: a one-day ticket costs 40 HRK (5.3 €), a three-day ticket costs 100 HRK (13.3 €) , a seven-day ticket costs 200 HRK (26.6 €), and a 15-days ticket costs 300 HRK (40 €).

A more comfortable option to get to the city from the airport is to take a taxi. The taxi terminal at the airport is located just outside the airport building. The taxi ride from the airport to the city centre costs approximately 100 HRK (13 €).

There are several taxi companies in Zagreb. Here is some information about them.

If you arrive by a bus you’ll arrive at the Main Train Station. From there you can take a tram:

Conference opening ceremony will be held at the small hall of the Lisinski Concert Hall. You can get there from Main Square using tram number 13 (direction Žitnjak), which also stops at hotel Westin. If you are located at the Faculty of Teacher Education you can take tram number 5 (direction Maksimir) to reach Lisinski Concert Hall. See the map of tram routes below for more options, just keep in mind to get off at the tram station „Lisinski“.  If you are at Main Train Station you can reach Lisinski Concert Hall on foot in 5 to 10 minutes trough underground passage “Importane center”(front of the station, to the left) but you’ll have to ask for directions. If you are coming to opening ceremony directly from airport, you can ask the driver of the shuttle bus to leave you by the Lisinski Concert Hall because the bus will pass by it. 

Shops, kiosks and ATM machines accept all major credit and debit cards. Major currencies can be exchanged at banks and exchange offices (“Mjenjačnica”) throughout the city.

For all other information you can find Tourist Information Centres at all main city points (Main Square, Main Railway Station, Main Bus Station and Zagreb Airport). They are informed about ENSEC conference and they will be glad to provide you with city maps and any information and needed.

Here you can find a Map of Zagreb that has the Faculty of Teacher Education highlighted.